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Tag: Golang

tsnsrv, or easily accessing services on your tailscale network

Like many people on the internet, I recently saw this great talk by Xe Iaso about things you can do on your Tailscale network with the tsnet package. It got me wondering what more I could do with tailscale myself. Then, three days later, I noticed that my Kobo e-reader had stopped syncing with calibre-web and I knew something about how I accessed my homelab-hosted services would have to change.

Building a golang program with cgo

Recently, I needed to debug a particularly nasty interaction between two programs, one of which was a go tool. To get further in understanding the issue, I had to compile a little test program with cgo, the dreaded (by go programmers) compilation mode that allows go programs to call C code. Unfortunately, it’s a bit difficult to find out what to concretely do in order to build a program with cgo.