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Your Privacy

Your Privacy on This Website

Like any other person on the internet these days, I have to provide a privacy policy and imprint here. Here’s a link to a pretty permissive (but accurate) privacy policy and imprint that I generated on iubenda: Privacy Policy.

If any lawyers come knocking, this is the policy that is current & applies to this site.

Some less hollow privacy promises

Unfortunately for you and me, this policy gives me way more permission do to stuff with your data than I’m comfortable with. So here’s the exact things I additionally do to keep away from your personal data:

  • I configure hugo with fairly strict privacy settings - here’s the config file:
    • No tracking via google analytics or other services. I don’t care very much about visitor numbers or where you came from.
    • No automated embeds at all - I have disabled twitter, instagram and youtube embedding (unsure if I’ve ever even had any of those).
  • This site doesn’t set cookies.

If you discover that your browser should have set any tracker bugs from a visit to this website, I consider this a security bug. Please report it against the git repo for this blog and I’ll fix it urgently.

More information about how you’re accessing this site

This is a statically generated website and I host it on Netlify; I believe their CDN is further served by CloudFlare. I do not get access logs for this site, but they do. Here’s the GDPR statements for those folks - please review them if you’re interested in how your HTTP requests get handled:

Hope that’s all, folks!

I am not sure I got all of this right. I’d appreciate a bug report if I didn’t.