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Here’s some stuff I’ve been working on (github has the most recent & up-to-date info):

Current stuff

These are some of the things that I am currently working on:

  • tsnsrv - A reverse proxy that exposes services on your tailnet (as their own tailscale participants)
  • deploy-flake - A tool for deploying nix flakes to remote systems
  • gearbox-maintenance - Perform ongoing maintenance on a transmission instance
  • flac-tracksplit - Tool to losslessly, quickly & accurately split CUE+FLAC files into multiple tracks
  • governor - A rate-limiting library for Rust (f.k.a. ratelimit_meter)
  • o - Ring-buffers in go without interface{}
  • chars - cha(rs) is a commandline tool to display information about unicode characters
  • zpool-exporter-textfile - A tool to export zpool metrics as prometheus metric textfiles
  • gotest-ui-mode - Ergonomic output for your go test results in emacs

Watch history unfold at my github account and this blog’s category Hacks.

Historical stuff

Common Lisp

  • Once upon a time, I did some administrative work for the SBCL project
  • I helped resurrect iterate from the CMU AI repository. Joerg Hoehle and Attila Lendvai are taking good care of it now.
  • I wrote a UBF encoder/decoder for Common Lisp when I was bored. (see)
  • I wrote Autobench to burn CPU cycles on this box.
  • A VT100 screen scraper I wrote during my time at SILVER SERVER Gmbh was released as Open Source software.

See also my blog’s category Lisp