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Category: Security

tsnsrv, or easily accessing services on your tailscale network

Like many people on the internet, I recently saw this great talk by Xe Iaso about things you can do on your Tailscale network with the tsnet package. It got me wondering what more I could do with tailscale myself. Then, three days later, I noticed that my Kobo e-reader had stopped syncing with calibre-web and I knew something about how I accessed my homelab-hosted services would have to change.

Memorizing passwords with Anki & 1Password

Recently, I started using Anki, a spaced repetition scheduler1, a lot to learn French using the Fluent Forever method, and while there have been setbacks, it’s been a pretty great experience overall. It seems to be super useful for memorizing and retaining all sorts of information! Since I have to memorize all sorts of passwords (phone unlock code, laptop login password, gym locker combination), why not use 1Password to help me retain them?

Why not, indeed!