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Tag: rust

Some useful types for database-using Rust web apps

I’ve been writing a little web app in rust lately, and in it I decided to try to do it without an ORM. Instead, I modeled data access in a way that resembles the Data Access Layer pattern: You make a set of abstractions that maps the “business logic” to how the data is stored in the data store. Here are some types that I found useful in this journey so far.

basename and dirname in Rust

I recently did some minor file name munging in Rust, and was reminded that one of the hard parts about learning a new language is the differences in vocabulary. In UNIX, there are two command line tools, basename and dirname. They take a pathname as an argument and print a modified pathname to stdout, which is really handy for shell scripts. Several other languages copied that naming convention, and so I was really surprised to find that googling for rust dirname didn’t return anything useful1.

Editing rustdoc comments in emacs

I’ve been writing a bunch of rust code lately, and it’s been a pretty great experience! The thing I enjoy most about it is that the documentation looks just so extremely good. Which brings me to my major point of frustration with my rust-writing setup: Writing doc comments in emacs’s otherwise excellent rust-mode is a pain. You always have to insert the doc comment character sequence de la ligne, and writing doctest examples was even worse: You write rust code, inside markdown, in rust comments.