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I’m currently moving some of’s services off the creaky old machine that used to host it, over to another machine. This affects - it’s not going to be available for the next 2 days. (With a bit of luck, it may be back up a little sooner, though.) This probably affects you if you follow the slime and mcclim git repos hosted there. This was caused by a case of really bad planning on my part.

Accessing the Stripe API From Lisp

Stripe is a new payment processor on the Web, and they seem to be a lot less insane than Paypal. On a whim, I made a little (almost completely untested, toy) CL library for accessing their HTTP API from Lisp. Maybe you’ll find it useful: cl-stripe. This was pretty great fun! Thanks to their nice HTTP API, drakma, and alexandria, I have been able to write this with a minimum of horribly hacky code, in just 5 or 6 hours of working on it, on and off, this saturday afternoon.

A Weird Problem With ASDF on NFS (and a workaround)

Recently, we at Franz have been seeing weird failures when building a certain ASDF system on NFS: We were intermittently getting redefinition warnings when loading a system - not all the time, but more often when we compiled during certain timeslots. This was a weird one, and I think it would be nice to record what this is, and how we figured out what’s going on (and how we arrived at our work-around).

“Basic Lisp Techniques” for sale on Amazon

I just saw that David Cooper’s Basic Lisp Techniques is now available on Amazon, as a Kindle edition, for $9.95. Problem is, this book is freely available on the Franz web site, doesn’t seem like it is an authorized conversion, and judging from the free sample the Kindle edition it is a slightly crappy (footnotes didn’t convert properly, ToC is ugly) pdf->azw conversion of the PDF. I recommend using the free PDF (you can even convert it yourself using Calibre if you want the book on an e-reader, it’s not hard at all to get very readable results).

SBCL git repo is now official!

Almost exactly four years after I announced the availability of the first iteration of the SBCL cvs->git mirror (and a few more years after the cvs->arch mirror even!), we now have an official SBCL repository! Many thanks to Nikodemus for doing all the heavy lifting! (-: I’ve stopped the (now defuct) cvs->git mirror. In its place, there is a new repository that mirrors the official git repo. To get the old, now static repo, see sbcl-cvs-import.

Userscript for nicer search

I love the documentation redirection service. It is quick and easy to look stuff up there if you know the name, and it has a pretty good search if you don’t. However, the search results are not presented very nicely: They’re very close together, and the ones I’m looking for most often (mostly CLHS pages) are buried somewhere in the middle. So I wrote a userscript (for Firefox through greasemonkey or Google Chrome/Chromium) to improve things a bit: It enables keyboard navigation (j/k or cursor-down/up select the next/previous result, enter opens the page, and / focuses the input field), and searches for the closest match from the results (ranks them by section and then selects the shortest matching entry).