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Write gmail filters in a nice Ruby DSL: gmail-britta

I’ve just finished (mostly) documenting and writing tests for my latest little library, gmail-britta, so thought I should release it to the world as a sort of holiday gift.

Gmail-britta is a library that lets you write Gmail filters (hah, Britta, get it?) in a way that doesn’t drive you insane - you write them as a ruby program, run that program, and out comes XML that you can import into Gmail’s filter settings.

It does a bunch of other nice things, but I guess it’s better to let the README explain

So far, I (and a few colleagues of mine) have been successfully using this for the past few months to generate filters for work email. Just yesterday I took the step and ported my 156 filters over to a gmail-britta program (yep, that’s my filters, with sensitive email addresses stubbed out), resulting in 34, easier to maintain, more accurate filters.

If you’re interested, please give it a try. Also, please let me know in the issues if you find anything that it doesn’t do, or if you’re feeling super generous, please open a pull request and send me improvements!