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Some more updates

So I’ve been moving stuff off my 6 year old server to a machine hosted in Germany lately. I hope to bring back Boinkmarks on it some day soon. (Not in the way I brought back the git repos, though - no outsourcing for benchmarks!) (-:

There are a couple state changes in my projects that would not warrant a blog post on their own, but I think as a whole are still something to write home about:

  • I’m retiring the web site - it pretty much got obsoleted at birth by Twitter’s URL shortening thing, and it was just a finger exercise anyway. You can still peek at the source if you want to get a feel for how I think a lisp redis-backed hunchentoot app could be structured.

  • The CXML-RPC library’s server part should now work in the newest Hunchentoot. In the process, I think I found a bug in CXML’s Klacks parser under CCL - it fails to decode &# entities.

  • In not so very lisp-related news, I am learning that keeping your server’s configuration in puppet is a really great thing. I’d never done this for my own machines up until this point, but it definitely helps to have all the state re-bootstrapable in one repository. Makes it way easier to reason about system configuration (“Now where are these vhosts’ www root directories again? What, they were behind a bind mount? What was I thinking?!” - these moments are severely reduced when you can just look at git log output).

And lastly, Dan Weinreb died. I wish I had had more opportunities to work with him, chat with him and learn from him.